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Welcome to the Blue Pilot Fund

The Blue Pilot Fund, Inc. is a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit filed as a 501(c)4. The Charter document listed on this website is the guiding document for the Blue Pilot Fund, Inc. (BPF). The purpose of the plan is to allow pilots to make small contributions to a non-profit fund that potentially provides cash payments to pilots who suffer a medical, legal, or other financial crisis or crises, or become disabled and suffer a loss of income as a result of a disability which is not replaced by the other disability programs in which the pilot participates.

Payroll deduction is now available!

Just spend 45 seconds and log into JetBlue’s BCSS at then click on the tab “My Life & Career” to donate. The Blue Pilot Fund donate page explains minimum required donations for membership based on your seat. It is easiest to use a JetBlue Crewroom computer in a domicile to join the Blue Pilot Fund and to make seat/status changes. There have been reported interface problems while using personal PCs and company issued iPads. Using a Crewroom computer ensures an easier transaction.

If you currently have a subscription via Paypal, you can cancel anytime by logging into PayPal.

Members as of September 2018

Blue Pilot Fund Members:2622

Total Expenses: $21,424

Total Funds Distributed to Distressed Pilots: $886,248