Pilots Helping Pilots Through Support and Solidarity

Blue Pilot Fund Inc. stands strong beside JetBlue pilots in times of need. Fueling hope and navigating challenges. Join us and make a difference in the lives of those who soar.

Blue Pilot Fund Charter

The Blue Pilot Fund is a non-profit organization supporting JetBlue pilots facing financial hardships. Our mission is to provide essential assistance and resources to pilots and their families during challenging times, ensuring they receive the support needed to overcome personal and professional difficulties. We are committed to fostering a robust and caring community among JetBlue pilots through transparency, accountability, and dedicated aid initiatives.




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Our Mission

Here In Your Greatest Time of Need

The Blue Pilot Fund is dedicated to assisting our fellow pilots during their greatest times of need. With a commitment to putting family first, alleviating stress, and getting you back in the air, we stand by our mission to support and uplift the Jet Blue pilot community.

Hardship Relief

We Can Help You Weather The Storm

We understand that life's challenges can strike unexpectedly. None of us are immune to hardship, but together, we can weather any storm. We've stood by our members through their toughest times. If you find yourself facing uncertainty, don't hesitate to reach out. Fill out a hardship form, and let us consult with you.

How It Works

Membership Benefits

Pilots have unique lifestyles and our careers can be fragile at times. Membership dues
are low, but knowing the fund will be there for you can provide peace of mind.

Minimum Requirements for Blue Pilot Fund Membership

Aircraft/Rank Per Paycheck Yearly
A320/A220 $7.50 $180.00
E190 CA $6.75 $162.00
A320/220 FO $5.00 $120.00
E190 FO $4.50 $108.00

*Only members are eligible for assistance

Scholarship Fund

Get Financial Aid For Your Education

Blue Pilot Fund Scholarship Program is designed to support aspiring student pilots in reaching new heights. Our scholarship fund is here to help make your aspirations a reality. Join us in fostering the next generation of aviation professionals – apply today and let your dreams take flight!

Flight Crew

Board of Trustees

Nick Hoffman


A320 Captain

Mike Kelsey

Vice Chairman

A320 Captain

Brad Shearin


A320 Captain

Carrie Braun

Communications Dir.

A320 FO

Michael Strauss


A320 Check Airman

April Allen


A320 FO

Scott Alexander


A320 Captain

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