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None of us know when the unexpected will strike. We have helped members with medical issues, family medical issues requiring leave, medical bills, deaths in the family, natural disasters, addiction, and accidents. If in doubt, fill out a hardship and let us consult with you.







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Pilots have unique lifestyles and demands. Our careers can be fragile at times. Membership dues are low, but knowing the fund will be there for you if you suffer a hardship, and knowing that your contributions have helped your fellow pilots in a time of need is our purpose. Only members are eligible for assistance.

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Sun N' Fun BPF Fly In
by Scott Alexander/ on 03 Mar 2022

Sun N' Fun BPF Fly In

Annual JetBlue Pilots Reunion Hosted by the Blue Pilots Fund - to Benefit the BPF Scholarship Fund

The Importance of Being Properly Insured
by Treasurer/ on 07 Feb 2019

The Importance of Being Properly Insured

Hello All, It is open enrollment season again, and it’s vitally important that we all take a little bit of time to review our benefits.