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Hardship Notification

Although we use end to end https encryption, please consider filling this form out on a trusted network or VPN

If you are impacted by a hardship and would like to apply for assistance, please submit the following information.

Is your financial hardship a one time financial issue or recurring?
Anticipated financial impact of hardship in dollar amount .
Explain in as much detail the hardship you're experiencing.
How long do you anticipate the hardship to last
Additional Financial Information
Have you applied to the JCCF for assistance?
If you've received a JCCF award, what was the amount of the award?
If you own a business or part of a business, what's your monthly income?
If you expect to receive or already receive money because of current or previous work with an employer of any organization, government, or company unrelated to the U.S. Military or JetBlue Airways, what is the amount?
If you have any other outside income, what is the monthly amount?
Please explain the status of short or long term disability insurance from JetBlue Airways or any other entity or organization including monthly award and length.
If you have you been awarded any benefit from an insurance program to assist with this crisis, what is the amount?
If you retired from active duty, what is the amount of your monthly retirement?
Guard or Reserve
If you are retired from the guard or reserve, when will you start receiving your retirement? List today, if already receiving reserve retirement.
If you are currently a drilling reservist or guardsman, please explain the status of your military duty under this hardship. Please include whether or not you can still drill while on the hardship and if you can, what monthly income you can expect while on hardship.
Whether or not you are currently receiving your pension as a retired guardsmen or reservists, what is the monthly amount in today's dollars?
Do you expect to file for personal bankruptcy from this hardship?
What would it take to prevent the need to file for personal bankruptcy?
If personal bankruptcy is unavoidable do you need help with legal funds to file for bankruptcy?
Is your hardship related to alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal) use, abuse or addiction?
Have you entered the JetBlue Pilot's Substance Abuse Recovery Program (JHIMS)?
Is all or part of your hardship due to missing work because of participation in (JHIMS)?
If you are currently a defendent in any civil or criminal proceedings, please explain all pertinent details including whether or not it is in relation to your hardship.
Expense Information
Please list all critical monthly domicile expenses to include rent / mortage of primary residence only, car payments(s), all utilities, groceries, any HOA dues and one-twelfth of annual property tax bill:
Average total dollar amount of all monthly domicile expenses.
List all professional expenses, if costs are not covered by the company to include, employee parking and transportation, meals during commutes, uniform, and home internet and mobile phone may also be included:
Average total dollar amount of all monthly professional expenses.
List any cost items for dependent children, non-selective medical costs that are in addition to insurance-covered costs or programmed deductibles for the pilot or their dependents and any other critical expenses you may have not listed above.
Average total dollar amount of all monthly miscellaneous expenses.
If you own your own home, list property type, assessed value, date assessed, amount owed.
If you own any secondary properties, list property type, assessed value, date assessed, amount owed:
Current retirement holdings, to include all 401k's IRA, Retirement Trust, etc.
Current value of all certificates of deposits, stocks, trusts, bonds, and mutual funds.
Current value of all money market, checking, and savings accounts.
If you own in part or in full any recreational vehicles (boats, airplanes, RV's, ATV's, Jet Skies, etc.), please explain.