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BPF 15th Fund Award

Jeff Louwers's picture
on May 3, 2012 - 8:23am
Blue Pilot Fund Participants, On April 2nd a check for $2968 arrived to a distressed pilot. At the time we felt we handled the “alligator closest to the boat” since he was due back in the flight deck soon. Several months ago, the 190FO simultaneously developed a chronic but not disqualifying injury while seeing his spouse forced to an annual income reduction of $45,000. While we certainly cannot make up for spousal income issues across the Membership, we can understand that it induced the pilot to try to fly as much as possible. He felt he could earn more cutting back on flying when his injury flared up rather than electing full-time disability. Of course, as the pilot flew low-hour month after low-hour month, it made going on disability that much more financially distasteful. He continued to dig an understandable hole for himself. I think we can all comprehend the concept of trying to earn as much as possible when suffering other financial setbacks. As the hole got bigger and the pilot’s physical pain was more consistent (i.e. even less credit hours), the spouse’s retirement account was cashed out and there was a self-loan from the pilot’s 401K. Eventually a mortgage payment was missed and the bank applied a very stiff penalty without allowing any wiggle room. The initial award noted above got the bank off the pilot’s back. His general health is a lot better but a new prescription is forcing him on disability for at least 6 months despite his attempts to avoid it. We have therefore sent an additional $4990 to the pilot to help him with basic bills for the near future and will continue to monitor this member’s situation and act as necessary going forward. Thank you to all Members for wiping some sweat off a fellow pilot’s brow. In closing, please know we are currently adjudicating what is possibly Fund Award #16. We think JetBlue is very close to turning on a BPF payroll withdrawal system and are very thankful for that prospect. The LTD-COBRA Aid Amendment was changed slightly due to feedback, passed 5-2, and will "go live" May 1st with $175 per month going to those few who qualify. Expect an email in the next few days reviewing the details of this new program and the response to the feedback. Thanks again! Regards, Blue Pilot Fund Inc.